Dotpreneur® is a digital-only, career services niche-site for mature & globalising professionals, which means the young at heart, not necessarily in years. In an effort to expand and grow with our clients, we rebranded from Global.Careers in 2018 to Dotpreneur®, with a mission to help transition People of Purpose into self-employment, or entrepreneurship:

  • Improve agility, mobility and accessibility to meaningful work
  • Learn and master new, digital-age and in-demand market skills
  • Get the opportunity to create income regardless of geography
  • Maintain community and connection at the heart of our business
  • Join an on-going, Co-Creative Community of Deliberate Practice

However... before I co-founded this international business, I followed an 'old-school' formula and played by those rules.


I expatriated to Barcelona, Spain in the summer of 2003, where I have since been granted citizenship.

In 2006, I set up a sole proprietorship as a trainer and career coach for young people recently graduated.

Today, I live and work from the Italian Riviera thanks to my 100% digital business. I'm now working on a 'change the world, save the world' initiative.

I continue to work independently with a clientele that is strictly C-Suite. I keep clients updated on industry trends, debrief their experiences, and help them navigate personal disruptions.

The role I made for myself has provided me with steady and creative employment throughout — and despite — Spain’s economic crisis (2008 - 2015) when unemployment peaked at 26,29% in 2013, and forced many young graduates to expatriate for work, and many foreigners to repatriate to their home countries.

As well, it has kept me busy and stable despite and throughout this Coronavirus pandemic.

I always strive to develop long-term relationships based on confidentiality and trust.

That has been my goal throughout the day-to-day, week after week. As a result, I have sat with mostly the same C-Suite executives for roughly 714 weeks, as of April 2020. This introduction to you, is written in broad strokes only: to say that during our sessions together we have navigated large themes in their personal lives; including, deaths; births; health challenges, psychological preparation for retirement; divorces; extra-marital affairs; challenges and changes with adolescent-aged children, and so on.

That said, there were times (and there may come still more) when my personal limits and my conscientious compliance to appropriate ethics, require I draw a line and refer clients to other professionals. That can happen.

So that said, as the years wore on, I became increasingly aware of a severe hole in the market, which has only worsened with this Coronavirus pandemic.

An ever-growing gap exists in the labor market to address the needs of persons aged 45+. We need to take control here.

Some call it “ageism” and still others refer to it as “the last acceptable -ism remaining after racism, sexism, classism, and etc.

The gaps means very little support for those 45+ who still wish to take advantage of their experience, talents, skillsets, and passion to enjoy meaningful work, to perhaps even CREATE their own meaningful work though a digital business solution. A digital business solution that serves themselves and their loved ones. So, it is now my aim to fill that need and it is why I am moved to provide this special Co-Creative Community of Practice for YOU to join.

Our direction is that of a social enterprise and we plan our strategy accordingly. As Dotpreneur continues to grow, we will implement new tools and ideas relevant to our industry. Welcoming new members now!



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