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The more “mature” I become, the more my body demands movement to maintain proper functioning.

I used to be quite active, walking 8 kilometers to and from the office five days a week; playing amateur pádel with groups of others; and learning and practicing beginner-level Salsa.

Since I began these digital adventures, however, moving my entire professional life online, I have spent more time sedentary than probably ever in my life. I gained TEN kilos! 10 kilos = 22 pounds! And my joints ache now like they never used to, especially in my precious feet!

... It's not just the online business's development that is at fault...

I can’t entirely blame starting an online business however because it’s also true that the area where I live is largely residential. There’s a small grocery store to walk to but the beach is a 20 to 25-minute walk away; the center of town is a 25-minute walk away; forget pádel (different culture and mindset); forget salsa.

Fed up with the situation. I found a wonderful new flat located in a resort town on the coast of Spain about 1,5 hours south of Barcelona by train; and about 15 minutes from an airport that serves well the UK and Northern Europe.

You’ll be able to see from the screenshots (nicely done and courtesy of and Ibersol Aqquaria Spa) that the facilities and infrastructure of the apartments is designed for MOVEMENT! There’s an indoor hottub and pool and gym, and an outdoor pool and two pádel courts.

The dotpreneur®  lifestyle, for me, is about living and working one’s passions, then making them useful to others.

The dotpreneur lifestyle, for me, is about living and working one’s passions, then making them useful to others. Alongside this, however, is the need to have the time and space to take care of one’s own physical and mental wellbeing. It’s become so important to me, in fact, that I’m willing to relocate to assure that I’ve got the sea at my back, and functional sports courts, a spa with sauna, pool, and hottub, and resistance and cardio equipment just downstairs.

The Mediterranean Sea is a 10-minute walk from the spot and touts a 100% beach-front pedestrian promenande of 3-kilometers called, Passeig de Miramar. And, if one is really up for a healthy walk, you can go all the way to the next small town, Cambrils; basically, a leisurely hour away (on foot). 

Aqquaria - Incorporating Fun Movement Into One's Daily Lifestyle

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